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If you want a night at the casino in the Netherlands, you will soon end up at Holland Casino. Holland Casino is the only country casino in the Netherlands with a full range of casino games. And where you can only play gambling and roulette machines at most arcades, you can play a much larger variety of casino games at Holland Casino. Think of roulette, blackjack, punto banco and poker with croupiers. Or video poker and live bingo. Each and every one perfect games for a fantastic casino experience! Holland Casino has existed since 1976 and has since become a household name among gambling enthusiasts in our country. And the trust in the company is huge compared to online casinos. Nevertheless, the number of visitors and sales have been falling sharply in recent years. Influenced by the economic crisis, the smoking ban in places of entertainment and the supply of online casino games, Holland Casino was forced to dismiss staff and close down branches. There is even talk about the privatization of the Holland Casino sites, whereby the entire state enterprise can thus become the property of, for example, a foreign company.


In recent years, Holland Casino has lost many players to online casinos. The wide range of online casino games, the ease of playing from your own home at times that suits you and the attractive bonuses at the online providers. All this has ensured that many fanatical casino players have switched to online gambling. Of course they sometimes come into ‘het steen Holland Casino’, but for the fast gambling sessions many still choose the providers on the internet.

However, since online gambling is officially illegal in the Netherlands, “the only real Holland Casino” can not come online with a casino. They do want it (there are already plans ready), but first the Law on Gaming in the Netherlands must be adjusted. What is most likely then finally to happen in 2019 or 2020. At the time of writing, February 12, 2019, the bill is again for discussion in the Senate.

This website is also about the latest news in the field of an ‘Online Holland Casino’. The expectation is that legalization can not last long. A new bill is already in place, in which gambling on the internet will be accepted under certain strict conditions. As soon as online casino gambling is legal in the Netherlands, Holland Casino will be one of the first to try to get a license. Connoisseurs therefore expect players to be able to play Holland Casino games online by mid 2020. This, of course, as a supplement to the various real establishments in the Netherlands that will simply continue to exist.


At the moment there are no 100% legal online casinos with a Dutch license. The type of online casino providers that are currently being gambling has licenses in all kinds of countries. From extremely reliable to very unreliable. At some casinos it does indeed play a fair game. In an online gambling jurisdiction such as Costa Rica, Cyprus or Antigua, there is more frequent manipulation and dishonest gambling than in an EU jurisdiction like Malta. Just as the jurisdiction of Britain is completely fair.

It is a great pity that in the polder we still do not fully legalize in the Netherlands and therefore more socially responsible online gambling is possible. Even the Holland Casino, which is widely acclaimed as being very responsible, is not allowed to offer its games over the internet. Let alone well-known online casino providers such as Unibet, Oranje Casino or Betsson. However, once the first licenses have been granted, you can read all about all providers and their starters bonuses here.

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